My name is Simon Jinaphant

I am a Computer Engineering student at the University of British Columbia; I am fascinated by both hardware and software systems, along with their capabilities to deliver solutions for today’s challenges. During my free time I enjoy learning more about my personal interests and demonstrating my understanding of it through projects.

Teamwork is an important aspect I recognize, especially when working on large-scale projects; I collaborate with other dedicated students to build autonomous vehicles which will compete against other teams from around the world every year!

I also have prior experience developing software for mobile and desktop as demonstrated by some of my personal projects; these projects include an Android application that solves complex mazes, along with a 3D graphics simulator that uses WebGL -a subset of OpenGL- for hardware acceleration.

Recent Work Experience

I love to contribute in teams

I am a senior member of UBC Snowbots, a student team dedicated to the research and development of autonomous ground vehicles. I was one of eight members selected to attend competition, where we placed 4th in design and 5th in the IOP networking challenges, against over 40 registered teams from around the world.

I had previously lead the software design for the pathfinding system; this system allowed the vehicle to compute the shortest route in order to autonomously navigate obstacle courses as large as 200 ft by 100 ft.

My past accomplishments also includes optimizing the camera capturing software to increase performance by 4x in best case scenarios, along with resolving memory leaks and serial connection issues to increase productivity time by 20%.

Projects I have worked on

3D Model Simulator

Personal project

A web-based 3D graphics simulator currently capable of rendering 20,000 polygons every frame per second, by using WebGL to deliver high performance via hardware acceleration.

  • Javascript
  • GLSL
  • WebGL

Android Pathfinder

Personal project

A visually interactive application where users can create complex mazes and watch a path be computed within milliseconds; this path is also guaranteed to be the shortest one.

  • Java
  • Android

SentrINO Security

Academic Group Project

A security system which utilizes computer vision to autonomously tracks intruders while transmitting a video record to a cloud server.

  • C
  • Python
  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi

Arduino WALL-E

Academic Group Project

A robot which can autonomously roam while avoiding obstacles, accurately follow shaded lines, or be controlled via bluetooth.

  • C
  • Arduino

Projectile Launcher

Academic Group Project

I collaborated in the design of a projectile launcher which ranked amongst the top in performance during competition day.

  • C
  • Arduino